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Nigerian Conference of Christian Medical and Dental Students

The dental center comprises 7 units that provide care to »1,800 patients annually. This study was carried out in the Oral Surgery Clinic, one of the units in the center where a member of the study team is a consultant. Patients were recruited during February 2006 through July 2007. A total of 312 consecutive patients who came to the clinic for treatment were invited to participate; 101 gave consent (23/101 patients were excluded because they could not produce a sputum sample). Thus, 78 patients were evaulated.

Each participant completed a structured questionnaire that requested information about age, sex, occupation, bacille Calmette-Guβrin (BCG) vaccination, history of chronic cough or TB, HIV status, and contact with a patient who had chronic cough or TB. A single expectorated sputum sample was collected from each participant and placed in a sterile universal container. Collection was done through the support of medical house officers/registrars posted to the unit; a consultant (1 of the study group members) was responsible for overall supervision.