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In order to be allowed to sit for the Part I FMCDS examination, candidates should satisfy the following conditions:

1.     They should have completed a minimum of 24 months of clinical training rotating through relevant dental specialties general medicine and surgery.

2.     They should have satisfactorily performed all the prescribed procedures and completed all the clinical requirements, for each clerkship as stipulated in the Resident’s Portfolio.

3.     They should have satisfactorily completed the number of academic, clinical and laboratory contact hours prescribed.

4.     Their head of department or the head of the postgraduate training institution should have duly signed them up where they have been registered. To sign-up a candidate, the authorized officer(s) are expected to sign.

(a)                          The certificate of training

(b)                         Relevant areas of the Resident’s Portfolio.

(c)                          (a) and (b) are forwarded simultaneously with the candidate’s application for admittance to the Part I FMCDS examination.



It is also expected that candidates preparing to sit for this examination have the following accompanying their examination application form.

1.     Copies of up to date receipt of payment as Associate Fellow of the Faculty.

2.     Faculty log book of procedures.

3.     Duly signed application form certified by Fellow/s of the Faculty.

4.     Signed certificate of training from accredited training institution.

5.     Evidence of payment for the part 1 examination.

6.     Candidate must have spent at least two years since the commencement of posting for the part I examination.

7.     Copies of credentials –

-         First degree (BDS, BChD, DDS, DMD)

-         Full registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

-         Current subscription or renewal of licence from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

-         National youth service corps discharge certificate (NYSC) or its exemption

-         Primary fellowship of NPMCN or recognised equivalent from another College.

8.     Certificate of attendance at least 2 revision/update courses in the preceding  18 months