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It is expected that candidates preparing to sit for this examination have the following accompanying their examination application form.

1.     Copies of up to date receipt of payment as Associate Fellow of the Faculty.

2.     Faculty log book of procedures.

3.     Duly signed application form certified by Fellow/s of the Faculty.

4.     Signed certificate of training from accredited training institution.

5.     Evidence of payment for the part II Examination.

6.     Candidate must have spent at least three years since the commencement of posting for the part II examination.

7.     Copies of credentials –

-         First degree (BDS, BChD, DDS,DMD)

-         Full registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

-         Current subscription or renewal of licence from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

-         National youth service corps discharge certificate (NYSC) or its exemption

-         Part I fellowship of NPMCN or recognised equivalent from another College.

8.     Certificate of attendance at 2 revision/update courses in the preceding 18 months.

9.     Certificate of attendance at Research methodology course

10.                        Certificate of attendance at management course organized by the NPMCN

11.                        Signed three copies of duly completed dissertation/case book









1.     The candidate must forward a detailed proposal, clearly defining the subject chosen for the study, the scope, and objectives to the College. Such a proposal must also contain a critical review of the literature as well as the materials and method of the study.

2.     Register the names of two supervisors nominated by his/her training center or institution with due consultation and agreement with the candidate. One of these two supervisors should be a Fellow of the College in Dental Surgery.

3.     Submit written attestations by the supervisors indicating their willingness to supervise the project i.e. designing the project, data collection and analysis as well as the general write-up of the dissertation itself. Supervisors are not expected to serve merely as proof readers of the dissertation.

4.     In the case of a research project using human subjects, the candidate should have sent a copy of the proposal to his/her institution’s Ethical Committee for ethical clearance, and received approval

5.     The Faculty Secretariat after consideration of the proposal by the Court of Examiners would provide a feedback to the candidate on the suitability or otherwise of his/her proposal within 3 calendar months of this submission. It is therefore in the Resident’s own interest to plan the submission of his/her research proposal in such a way that this feedback returns to him/her during the first 12 months of his/her senior residency.

NOTE: The candidate should have received approval to commence his/her research project from NPMCN at least 1 year (12 calendar months) before he/she submits the examination form for part II. Any period less than 12 months is unacceptable.